4 bedrooms await your arrival. They are original as well as refined, exotic as well as welcoming. Our experience of travelling has of course influenced our decoration and it has become a key element in the Home du Monde.

Each room is an invitation to escape, to rest away from everyday landmarks.

La chambre du Capitaine, or the Captain’s bedroom was inspired by numerous of my ancestors, navy officers whose portraits you’ll be able to see on the walls. I’ll be happy to explain these stories more in detail. The decoration imitates a cabin. French windows open onto the roof deck terrace, arranged like the deck of a boat. When the sun is shining, you’ll just have to sit there and close your eyes to embark towards new horizons.

La chambre de Gengis Khan (Gengis Khan’s bedroom) is like a typical Mongolian yurt. Mongolia is indeed my older daughter’s favourite destination.

La chambre de la Maharani (the Maharani’s bedroom) takes you to India, to the bedroom of a palace in Rajasthan.

La chambre “à la française”  is more like time travelling. You are in the bedroom of a beautiful 18th century French mansion.