Breakfast and dinner

Having breakfast or dinner at a Bnb is a time for sharing around good food.

As in all great guest houses, breakfast is included and is a key feature of your time with us.

Breakfast: In the Asian room, surrounded with numerous artefacts we brought from our trips there, your table awaits you. You’ll find bread, viennoiseries, butter, home-made marmelades, as well as fruit juice and hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate). Depending on the chef’s mood, home-made bread, cakes, fruit salads, yoghurts, … will also be offered.

If you want more time to share, to talk, to learn about the region, please have dinner with us!


Dinner: For dinner with us, booking is necessary (the day before at the latest). I cook myself and enjoy it immensely.

You will have an aperitif followed by a 3-course meal based on traditional Norman food which can be enlarged to French cuisine. I invite you to have a look at the blog to follow my “culinary activities”. From starters to dessert, I’m determined to indulge your senses of taste and sight. Sharing food is the best way to get talking, to share ideas and anecdotes and thus to get to know each other better.

I attach a lot of importance to this togetherness which is one of life’s greatest joys.