Restaurants and coffee shops

Looking for a snack or a proper meal, cheap food or gourmet cuisine? You can always choose by wandering around. It often offers good surprises. But here is a list of addresses I, friends or even guests have tested, and approved!

Moreover, it all depends on where you are at the time. If you planned on a certain restaurant but you must drive 40 km to go there, it can ruin the moment. Of course, the dinner I offer is a good opportunity to share good food but discovering nice little restaurants or grand places is another on the path of your holiday/week-end.

These addresses below are not very numerous yet. It’s your turn now to tell me of the nice places you’ll find by staying at my place! It will allow me to add to the list and fulfill my objective which is to help my guests spend the nicest time!

I listed the restaurants according to the place and precised the kind of food served (gastronomic, brasserie, pizzeria, …)