Historic heritage

Normandy, and especially the lower part, is a fertile ground for history lovers.

Bessin is defined first and foremost by history. Indeed, Bretteville l’Orgueilleuse is the land of the Baiocasses, a Celtic people in ancient Gaul who gave the name Bessin as well as Bayeux, located 12 km away.

From prehistoric times to D-Day on June 6th, 1944, a lot has happened on this land and on the coast. Churches, castles and museums are landmarks of a prestigious history where we often find the great name William the Conqueror.

In the northern part of the Manche, near the cottage of Gatteville-phare (North-East of the Cotentin), a terrible shipwreck happened in 1120. The “Blanche-Nef” sank off the coast of Barfleur (raz-de-Barfleur) which resulted in the death of the sole heir of Henry I of England, himself descendent of William. Barfleur was the main port of the old anglo-norman kingdom in the Middle-Ages. The village has conserved its medieval character (Yard Sainte Catherine, a must-see). It has also become the historical starting point of the “Chemins de Saint-Michel” (pilgrimage) and of the route of the Plantagenets, a dynasty from the kingdom of Anjou who reigned for more than 3 centuries on the “White Albion”.

History and the sea meet again in 1692 off Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue (10 km from Gatteville) where a naval battle was fought. The French fleet opposed a coalition composed of England, Spain, German principalities, Sweden, … Louis IV lost there his best ships, destroyed by the enemy.

Finally, Normandy bears also the scars of WWII. All along the coastline, former blockhaus are still visible. D-Day landing took place 50 km south of Gatteville (and 30 km west of Bretteville) but the battle to conquer the port of Cherbourg back was fierce.

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In the area of the house in Bretteville

In each section, the locations and activities are classified according to the distance from the house (within 15/30/50/100 km).
  • - Museums and archeological site of Vieux (ancient Roman city)
  • - Musée de Normandie in Caen (ethnographic and archéologic)
  • - Château de Caen (XIème)
  • - The Bayeux Tapestry is listed "Memory of the World" by UNESCO.
  • - Cathédrale de Bayeux
  • - Mémorial de Caen (history of XXème siècle)
  • - Mémorial Pégasus in Ranville
  • - Juno Beach Center in Courseulles s/mer (Tribute to the Canadians)
  • ...
  • - Château de Crèvecoeur (XIème)
  • - Château de Guillaume Le Conquérant (Falaise, XIIème)
  • - Château de Colombières (XIVème)
  • - Château de Canon and the gardens (The castel is listed Monuments Historiques, the gardens are listed "Jardins remarquables")
  • - Landing Museum (Arromanches)
  • - Arromanches 360 (New spectacular film!)
  • - Memorial Museum in Omaha (St Laurent s/mer)
  • ...
  • - Château de Vendeuvre ( Museum of miniature furniture and XVIIIth c. French art of living + water gardens)
  • - Musée de la Percée du Bocage (St Martin des Besaces)
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • - see below the websites on the Manche, listed for Gatteville’s cottage.
  • - Mt Saint Michel (1h30 by the highway A84)
  • - Paris (2h30 by the highway A13)
  • - Brittany, ...
  • ...

In the area of Gatteville-Phare

In each section, the locations and activities are classified according to the distance from the house (within 15/30/50/100 km).
  • - The church of Gatteville (XIth c.) and the Chapel of the sailors
  • - Yard Ste Catherine, medieval house in Barfleur
  • - Church of Barfleur
  • - Julie Postel's house, Ste Marie Madeleine in religion
  • - Blokhaus, vestiges of WWII (Gatteville, Néville, ...)
  • - Fortifications of Vauban in Saint Vaast -la-Hougue and on the island of Tatihou (World heritage Unesco)
  • ...
  • - Cherbourg, the fort of the Roule and the harbour
  • - Park of Martinvast, castel and floral garden (in the French Supplementary Historic Monument List. s)
  • - Château des Ravalet, in Tourlaville (XVIth c.)
  • - the Memorial of Found Freedom, in Quinéville
  • - Battery of Azeville, near by Ste mère Eglise
  • - Musée Airborne, Ste mère Eglise
  • - Musée du Débarquement Utah Beach
  • - Château d'Omonville, in Denneville
  • - "Hôtels particuliers" in Valognes, the "Versailles normand"
  • - Abbatiale de Lessay (XIth c.)
  • - Château de Bricquebec (XIth c.)
  • - Saint Sauveur-le-Vicomte and his Museum Barbey d'Aurevilly (Monuments Historiques)
  • ......
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • - Coutances and the gothic Cathedral of the XIIIth century
  • - Castel of Pirou (XIIth c.)
  • - Granville, the old city or "Haute Ville"
  • - Mont Saint Michel
  • - Sightseeing mentionned above around the Bnb in Bretteville
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...